Charlie Phillips is Chief Operating Officer of WIN. He is a qualified solicitor specialising in international music rights and licensing. One of his core areas of expertise is international performance rights management, assisting independent music companies and associations to maximize revenues generated by broadcast and public performance (“neighbouring rights”) of recordings.

His work has a focus on the intersection of creative content and technology, with particular interest in the relationships between IP rights and data in the digital media supply chain. He represents WIN member record companies within IFPI, ISO and other industry groups, most particularly with respect to developments over collective licensing and data management, including ISRC and DDEX.

Charlie’s work in this area has recently culminated in the launch of RDx, a repertoire data exchange system for labels and collecting societies around the world. RDx is a joint initiative between WIN and IFPI.

Prior to joining WIN, Charlie spent five years as Director of Legal and Commercial Affairs at UK independent music association AIM. Before this, he was Legal Adviser at IFPI, managing their international performance rights work. He has held senior roles at Capital Radio and Napster, and started his career as a studio engineer, working with notable acts including Radiohead (Kid A/Amnesiac) and Moby.